Stress Management

It is well documented that uncontrolled stress can have a negative effect, both physically and psychologically.  A great many conditions and diseases may result from stress, including insomnia, gastro-intestinal disorders, high blood pressure, asthma, migraine, depression, chronic fatigue and more.

Stress can be internally or externally generated.  Current situations may  raise the pressure on individuals, or unresolved past issues can continue to undermine the ability to 'cope' in the here and now. Such issues are parked 'in the back of the mind', and often people are not 'consciously' aware of them.

  We now know that it is possible to exercise control over stress and feel more empowered to deal with the rigours of modern life.

So whether your stressors are past, present or future, you can gain control of them, helping yourself to a calmer future.  Whether you are simply grappling with everyday life, experiencing 'panic attacks' perhaps, which may seem unrelated to your current circumstances, or an executive or professional suffering 'churn and burn', help is at hand. 

For further information on dealing with your particular stresses, contact Jean Chesworth for a confidential and professional consultation.

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