Hypno-Psychotherapy is literally psychotherapy within clinical hypnosis, requiring training at masters degree level. The hypnosis is simply a natural, neutral, conscious state of relaxation into which the client freely chooses to enter. Clinical hypnosis facilitates the use of an effective technique called Short-Term Ego State therapy. This intervention enables past issues to be resolved in a carefully structured way. Such positive change can spontaneously alleviate unwanted psychological symptoms on a lasting basis. It can also de-condition past negativity, which may have been causing self-sabotage in unhealthy patterns of feeling, thinking and subsequently behaving.

Hypno-Psychotherapy using Ego State Therapy can bring positive and lasting results for a range of issues including –

Relief from stress-related conditions such as Panic Attacks, Phobias, Insomnia, IBS

Resolving past trauma including bullying, abuse (psychological, physical, sexual), accidents, complicated bereavements (sudden death, suicide), losses of any kind, relationship problems, redundancy or any setbacks which had a negative effect at the time

Cessation of unwanted habits and dependencies – food issues, alcohol, smoking, nailbiting, gambling, shopping and more

Restoring confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self-belief, sense of self, inner strength, safe boundaries

Managing current crises or life transition

Dealing with relationship issues – past or present

Procrastination and loss of motivation

Self-sabotage of any kind

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